Lets learn more about Superbot

Talking about Superbot, it started as a chatbot, but it is just more than a chatbot. And it is just a bit more than AI Assistant. You know what, We first named Superbot as your personal shopping assistant, right back when we were building the v1.0 of the app. Because we thought that it is helping shoppers find what they want to buy. Like if you asked it to find t-shirts, it would show you Read more…

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Our Story

Story Begins with Superbot.in

When we first started in February 2015, we were a gaming company, a mobile gaming company. We built several mobile games specifically android games published on Google Play Store. When we were on the verge of starting development of yet another game, something struck our mind. And the thing that struck our mind would seem more important to us rather than building that game. So we pivoted, and started again as a same company with Read more…

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