When we first started in February 2015, we were a gaming company, a mobile gaming company. We built several mobile games specifically android games published on Google Play Store. When we were on the verge of starting development of yet another game, something struck our mind. And the thing that struck our mind would seem more important to us rather than building that game. So we pivoted, and started again as a same company with different purpose somewhere around 23 April 2016 (That’s right about a year later). And the same day we started building our next product that would satisfy our purpose. WE  STARTED BUILDING SUPERBOT.

And here 1 year, 5 months & 25 days later, we are satisfied with what we are building, and we will continue to do what we have been doing, and not let the satisfaction quench our thirst of serving the purpose.

We built first version of superbot and published it on playstore on 25 Jun 2016, which was a very basic working model of what we intended to build. First version worked as to crawl a few websites over the internet and present the information when asked about it. Superbot worked like a chatbot.


First Version of Superbot

After that we kept improving Superbot, and after a dozen updates(as of today v1.4 is 12th version on android), we have something that we believe is good enough to show to the world out there. We even built the same app for iOS.  Superbot is available on Google Play Store & Apple App Store only in India.

As of now Superbot has got 3 types of capabilites:-

  1. Transactional Capability
  2. Discovering Capability
  3. Generalised Assistance Capability

Transactional Capability means Superbot can perform transactions such as recharging your mobile phone, paying your prepaid bill and tv recharges. Discovering Capability means it can find food dishes around nearby from our databases. And Generalised Assistance Capability means remembering things, creating reminders, to do lists, reading lists, or any other list you can think of. We wish to add more capabilities to superbot.

Superbot on Android.

Interaction with Superbot can be done with voice, text input and on-screen responses. Superbot speaks and listens to voice input just like any other AI Assistant.

Voice Interaction with Superbot on iOS

We will keep developing Superbot, improving it and coming up with new things all the time. Till then try out our latest version of Superbot

Click here to TRY OUT SUPERBOT.


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