Talking about Superbot, it started as a chatbot, but it is just more than a chatbot. And it is just a bit more than AI Assistant. You know what, We first named Superbot as your personal shopping assistant, right back when we were building the v1.0 of the app. Because we thought that it is helping shoppers find what they want to buy. Like if you asked it to find t-shirts, it would show you t-shirts from around a few shopping websites on the internet. But! But! But! Superbot is not a chatbot, not an AI Assistant, rather it would like be your virtual robot friend. That’s what we intend to make it.

About a few days ago, we updated Superbot to v1.4 with new skills and few improvements in previous working version.

For now, Lets see what Superbot can do?

Recharge your mobile phone.

That sounds easy, isn’t it?

Just say recharge mobile phone, give in some inputs, make your payment, and wait for the recharge. Similarly, Recharge your television DTH, or pay your postpaid bills too.

Find food dishes in your city or nearby

If you are hungry and looking for some place or dish to eat or drink nearby, ask Superbot. It won’t hesitate to tell you good places nearby or maybe if you found a great dish to eat/drink, you can take a picture of it and tell Superbot about it. Superbot will suggest it next time someone asks.

Create to do lists.

Create a todo list, add items to it and see the list anytime. Not just todo lists, You can create any list, like your books to read list, shopping list, grocery list, your favourite movies list, your favourite quotes list, or any list you want to keep a record of.

And A few more things 

You can ask it to remember anything. For example:  “Remember that my wifi password is abcdxyz”. And you can ask it anytime by “What did i tell you about my wifi password?”.

You can even create reminders. For example: “Remind me about the meeting on next sunday”. And you will receive a notification on sunday about the meeting.

Click here to TRY SUPERBOT on Android or iOS.

P.S. if you noticed, the first gif shows interaction with superbot by keyboard just as chatting with it. The second one shows interaction with pre-defined on-screen response buttons. The third gif shows interaction with voice. And yes! GIFs don’t speak, but Superbot can! 🙂

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